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HR Academy

with our Head of Psychology Dr. Katharina Koch

Psychological Hygiene: Wellbeing, Boundaries, and Self-care

19 DEC | 12:00 PM CET – 60 min

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Psychological Hygiene: Wellbeing, Boundaries, and Self-care

Join our Head of Psychology, Dr. Katharina Koch during our upcoming HR academy session to explore essential strategies for supporting your colleagues and team members without compromising your own emotional well-being.

Discover the balance between empathy and self-preservation, all while gaining valuable insights into effective self-care practices. Foster a healthier, more resilient workplace by joining us for this hands-on event, exclusive for HR people and culture teams using nilo.

About Dr. Katharina Koch

Dr. Katharina Koch is a licensed Clinical Psychologist, certified in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and earned a Ph.D. in Psychology and Neuroscience. As Head of Psychology at nilo, she leads the Psychology Team and is responsible for quality assurance. Dr. Koch is passionate about preventive mental health, advocating for promoting well-being and early intervention to support individuals on their mental health journey and creating a healthier society. Her dedication to preventive measures aims to empower individuals and foster a more mentally resilient community.