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Let’s take better care of our mental health

We all have mental health, and all of us might struggle at one point or another. Whether it’s something professional or private, we can all face mental challenges from time to time. is the right support at the right time.

We are here to help

How mental problems affect your company

We empower and support companies and their individuals to enhance their mental well-being to become healthier and successful.

  • Individual & team stress and wellbeing
  • Employee dissatisfaction – low motivation & productivity
  • Employee absenteeism and presentism
  • Employee churn
  • Work culture & employer branding

The facts

An investment worthy of your team

  1. An ethical & sustainable investment case
    Each investment towards the mental health of employees has a positive ROI of 5:1. Deloitte / Who
  2. Reduce sick leave
    For every 100 employees in a company, 420 days are missed due to mental health challenges. Let’s take the preventative approach.
  3. Employer Branding
    Show that you care. Future-proof your business with healthier, motivated and committed teams, while attracting the best talent.

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How works is the all-in-one mental health support for your entire team

1:1 Sessions

Support for all challenges

Easy access:

In just a few clicks, employees can book a digital session with a professional psychologist.

Work with the best psychologists:

All our psychologists are certified, and have years of experience in therapy, counseling, and coaching.

Individual support:

The right psychologist is selected based on the individual needs of the employees.


Learn from experienced psychologists, coaches and trainers

Group sessions

Attending roundtables can help you learn more about specific mental health topics and how you can put your insights into action, at work or in your private life. Sometimes, it just really helps to know we’re not alone.


The sessions are held via video calls. nilo.roundtables are a great opportunity to connect with like-minded users from both within your company and beyond it.


Our roundtables are a safe space. This means we treat each other respectfully, maintain confidentiality around anything shared, and ask you to please do the same.

Team Well-being Insights generates insights based on scientific methods.

Insights for users
  • Initial assessment of needs to tailor the offering
  • Ongoing well-being surveys to track progress
  • Based on assessment and progress, resources and support are constantly tailored to users needs

App-based features that enable users to self-monitor their mood by periodically reporting their thoughts, behaviors, and actions can increase emotional self-awareness (ESA).

Content Journeys & Meditations

Self guided courses and meditations for a various range of challenges, growth areas, health habits and resilience


Our digital courses and meditations are developed by our team of psychologists and are based on scientific knowledge.


Easy-to-use and fun creating a long-term and successful effect.


Improve your mental health in only 10 minutes a day.


Driving healthy change
in the workplace


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Taking team mental wellness to the next level

Katrin Keilig and Teresa Dinges

Senior Director Health & Safety and Learning & Development Manager

“Working with is an absolute pleasure on all levels. The feedback we get from our employees is truly appreciative and it is great to see that so many colleagues at TIER actively engage with’s services. We are convinced that we have absolutely made the right decision.”

Miriam Rabung

Head of HR

„We were very impressed with how matched their professional psychological counselors with our team members – based on individual needs and preferences.“


Head of HR

„Dealing with the mental health of your employees is no longer a ’nice to have‘, it is an absolute necessity. At Vimcar, we care deeply about the well-being of our employees and want to give them the support they need. does exactly that.“


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