We break down the barriers to mental health support

nilo.health’s mission is to empower and support companies and individuals to enhance their mental well-being – so everyone can thrive.



We believe that people can better enjoy their personal and professional lives when mental health is prioritized, taken seriously and understood.

At nilo.health, our goal is to actively smash the stigma around mental health and spread the positive impact of mental well-being to all corners of the globe. How? By making mental wellness conveniently accessible to every company and employee via personalized solutions and seamless, user-friendly technology available in 30+ languages.

We’re proud to have a team that’s truly passionate about our mission.

Working at nilo.health means being part of something BIG: a movement to transform the way people work to be more healthy and sustainable at every level.

We endeavor to be the change we want to see in the world by embracing processes and approaches proven to enhance psychological safety and connection. What we learn – every single day – is that every individual brings a unique perspective on mental health to the table.

This incredible diversity is the engine of our work: affirming again and again that our people are truly the most valuable asset we have.

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