Over 25 focus areas and specialities

More than 40 languages spoken

Diverse options for ethnicity, LGBTQ+ sensitivity and clinical focus

Based in over 20 countries across every timezone

Every psychologist is matched with their individual user via our sophisticated algorithm.

The algorithm compares and evaluates each user’s demographic information, personal preferences and symptoms to identify the best possible match.

This personalized approach not only streamlines the process of finding an expert, but also ensures every user’s journey is tailored to their specific needs.

“Welcome to nilo.health, where individuality is embraced, and well-being takes center stage. Get ready to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment."


Clinical Psychologist, specialist in crisis, traumatic events and marginalization support.

A highly qualified network


A highly trained and certified psychologist, well-versed in the application of evidence-based techniques and methodologies.


Extensive experience (with an average of 5+ years) in 1-to-1 counseling.

Highly rated

An average session rating of at least 4.9 out of 5 by our users.


Our network possesses a wealth of specialized knowledge and focal subjects, including but not limited to burnout, stress and anxiety, mindfulness, business and leadership, anti-racism, couples therapy, family dynamics, LGBTQ+ issues, and many more.

“What sets nilo.health apart is their unwavering dedication to staying up-to-date with the latest mental health challenges, psychological topics, and evidence based tools.”


Clinical Psychologist, psychotherapist, life and business coach with 20+ years experience in psychotherapy.

An extensive curation process

In order to keep up our high standards, we take our curation process extremely seriously. Only the most qualified psychologists join our platform. Here’s how we work:

1. Screening

We receive thousands of applications, from which we make a strict selection according to our quality standards. We also identify top global practitioners to fulfill special needs and wishes.

2. Standardized interviewing

Our psychology team conducts extensive clinical interviews to ensure individual quality, evidence-based methodology and cultural fit, as well as reviewing training certificates, competencies and references.

3. Acceptance rate

Only 5% of applicants make it through our intensive interview and screening process.

4. Monitoring

We regularly monitor our psychologists and their treatment effectiveness via ongoing user progress assessments as well as in-depth session feedback.

5. Evaluations

We utilize ongoing training, evaluation of counseling sessions and supervision to ensure quality never slips.


“To do this work with nilo.health as a psychologist means being supported by a network of highly skilled professionals that, despite the geographical distances, functions and feels like an involved team.”


Neuropsychologist, healthcare psychotherapist, fifteen years of clinical work experience, specializing in a variety of topics within psychology and psychiatry.

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