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Creating a sustainable and financially healthy business is the goal of any company. When you want to boost business outcomes, here’s your secret weapon: employee mental health support.


How does mental health support boost company profits?

Globally, depression, anxiety disorders and other mental health conditions cost the world economy $1 trillion per year in lost productivity, according to the World Health Organization. A company without mental health support sees more expensive employee turnover. And poor mental health can cost your company up to half a million euros every year.

That means that supporting employee mental health is one of the best financial decisions your company can make.

How does help? customers see an average 5x return on investment

96% of our users report “strong improvement” in their mental health

We reduce employee turnover by 60%

Emily Gawlik

Head of People & Culture at Forto

“Since adopting, our team’s wellbeing has increased by 25 points (Peakon Score), while absences have dropped consistently.

How do we do it?

Free 1-to-1 sessions with expert therapists for every employee

Sessions, roundtables and digital self-guided content, all available online

A tailored program for leaders to support management

An HR dashboard to monitor and understand employee health in your company

A dedicated success team to ensure productive rollout and high engagement

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