The Best Employee Benefit…

Is Mental Health Support

With so many employee benefits out there, it’s hard to know what your company needs to boost performance and stand out from the competition. Enter


Why is mental health support a popular employee benefit?

Mental health support boosts employee loyalty and well-being by creating a psychologically healthy place to work. It shows your employees that you care about them, while also ensuring they’ll be working at their best!


It’s no wonder that mental health support is the second most popular benefit, ahead of financial advising and gym memberships. And 85% of employees said that mental health benefits are key when evaluating a new job offer.

How does

10x more employee engagement than traditional EAPs


Michael Wax

Founder and CEO of Forto

“At Forto, is our team’s most loved benefit and a strong driver in recruitment.”

Average session rating is 4.9 out of 5


Teresa Dinges

Learning and Development Manager at TIER

“I have never experienced such gratitude and thankfulness for any benefit.”

Reduce turnover by 60%

96% of our users report “strong improvement” in their mental health

How do we do it?

Free 1-to-1 sessions with expert therapists for every employee

Sessions, roundtables and digital self-guided content, all available online

A tailored program for leaders to support management

An HR dashboard to monitor and understand employee health in your company

A dedicated success team to ensure productive rollout and high engagement

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