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Learn about's impact via testimonials from customers who thrive with our employee mental health benefit. customer stories – Russmedia

What do the most progressive multi-niche media company in Europe and nilo have in common? We both care about your mental well-being! 💙
“Healthy and motivated employees are the foundation of every company. Only in this way can we grow together and be successful. We already offer our employees many benefits in all areas. With the offer, we would like to support and promote mental health in everyday life” customer stories – TIER

TIER is a Berlin-based mobility company working with cities, public transport operators and communities for a clean and sustainable future. For the last year, they’ve offered as an employee benefit to their workforce—and they’ve been loving the results. We caught up with Teresa Dinges and Katrin Keilig from TIER’s people team to talk about […] customer stories – Oatly Germany’s People & Culture Team

“Our mental health is an integral part of who we are, and we should strive to create a positive and healthy mindset.” customer stories – Marike from Oatly Germany

“Just like your body needs a trained immune system to not get sick or recover a lot easier, your mental immune system needs attention, too.” customer stories – CareerFoundry team

How has supported the team at CareerFoundry: their personal experiences speak volumes—rated 100% effective.