Comprehensive employee mental health and well-being support

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Get A Demo boosts productivity, reduces turnover and increases employee well-being with a strategic service that offers tailored mental health support for every employee.

Your company gets:

Confidential access to the platform for every employee

Free 1-to-1 sessions with expert therapists for every employee

Sessions, roundtables and digital self-guided content, all available online

A tailored program for leaders to support management

A HR dashboard to monitor and understand employee health in your company

A dedicated success team to ensure productive rollout and high engagement

And here’s how we do it.

Video counseling sessions with world-class psychologists

We assess your employee’s health, goals, and preferences to match them with the perfect psychologist. Our global network of rigorously trained and assessed psychologists and therapists have over 200 specialty areas, with diverse options for race/ethnicity, LGBTQ+ sensitivity and clinical focus. They speak 40+ languages and are available in every time zone, ensuring your employees receive the best advice and counseling whenever and wherever they need it.

Management support sets your leaders up for success

Dedicated programs, roundtables, counseling options and resources for your leadership team help you create a trained team of mental health champions. Support managers and build their skills in leading with psychological safety, identifying and reducing burnout and stress, responding appropriately to mental health concerns and making work a place where people prosper.

Roundtables create a thriving, engaged and informed community

Regular roundtables led by psychologists, coaches and trainers foster connection and build community. Versatile formats and trending topics create an ever-growing base of knowledge for your team to tap into, as experts address the most critical issues affecting your people, organization and the world! Join us for sessions on burnout, diversity and inclusion, mindfulness and more.

An interactive self-guided resource library for continued improvement

Meet your employees wherever they are on their mental health journey with our massive digital platform and app content. Help your employees build healthy habits with programs designed by psychologists to offer mental wellness at your fingertips. Our resources are designed to engage and motivate employees to develop real-life skills via self-guided skill development, daily meditations and more.

Actionable insights for workplace well-being

Our HR dashboard provides a real-time pulse on employee mental health, important metrics on care utilization and areas of need. Anonymized data ensures you have accurate insights without invading your employees’ privacy. We also provide anti-stigma toolkits, expert instruction and guidance from vetted clinical experts and resources tailored to improve workplace culture and politics. Create a proactive workforce, and have the tools you need to respond in times of crisis.

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