Prevent Stress and Burnout

We’re facing a burnout crisis, with burnout rates amongst employees as high as 82%. The results? High turnover, loss of productivity, and big financial and personnel losses – unless you step in now.


What is burnout?

Burnout is a state of extreme physical or/and emotional exhaustion arising from sustained, long-term workplace stress. It frequently manifests in physical or/and emotional exhaustion, feelings of apathy or cynicism as well as reduced productivity and lower work quality.


Burnout is hugely expensive in a workplace, resulting in low employee engagement, high turnover rate and loss of top talent.

How are burnout, stress and mental health related?

Dr. Katharina Koch

Head of Psychology

“Burnout is the ultimate expression of the toll stress takes on our mental health. The good news is, both stress and burnout are preventable. Implementing strategic, holistic mental health support is one of the most effective ways to stop burnout in its tracks.”

How does help?


of users struggling with stress improve after using


of users report “strong improvement” in their mental health


of users use for preventative reasons

Dr. Simon Senner

Chief Clinical Psychiatrist, specializing in workplace mental health

“ is the leading provider in the burnout prevention market. nilo provides proactive and evidence-based support to employees, enabling them to address stressors early before they accumulate.”

How do we do it?

Free 1-to-1 sessions with expert therapists for every employee

Sessions, roundtables and digital self-guided content, all available online

A tailored program for leaders to support management

An HR dashboard to monitor and understand employee health in your company

A dedicated success team to ensure productive rollout and high engagement

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