How to Attract the Best Talent With Mental Health Support 

We all know the experience of sitting in a job interview, nervous and excited, keeping every finger crossed that you get the job. But how about the experience of sitting on the other side of the desk, the excitement over a candidate who might just change the whole game at your company? If you’re in HR, you know the rush! But the search to attract the best talent is never easy.

After all, you’re competing against other companies, as well as, in a way, the candidate themselves. What do they think of you? How do they like your company? They must be interested in the role – why else would they apply? – but how else can you prove that this is somewhere they will thrive? One obvious answer is employee mental health support. Let’s get into it!

Attract the Best Talent With Mental Health Support

Successful business have to attract the best talent. A McKinsey study found that superior talent is up to eight times more productive, sending company goals and output soaring. 

And competition is high. A 2023 study by LinkedIn found that 64% of recruiting leaders predict that the future of recruiting will be more favorable to candidates and employees (rather than employers) over the next five years. High employment rates and high talent vacancy rates have combined to create a job market in which companies need to compete over the best talent.

So how do you make yourself stand out from the crowd? Luckily, there is one clear benefit that makes a massive difference in your talent attraction and retention. HR leaders, gather in: we’re here to make your life easier!

Mental health support to attract the best talent

Providing mental health support for your employees ensures higher performance, better company culture, and a more productive and positive working environment—and employees know it. And because burnout is one of the top three reasons employees leave their jobs, many of the best candidates are actively looking for a new company which will support their mental health.

According to a McKinsey Study:

  • 91% of employees surveyed believe their employers should care about their mental health
  • Mental health support is the second most popular benefit, ahead of financial advising and gym memberships
  • 85% of employees said that mental health benefits are key when evaluating a new job offer

This number will only increase as our workforce ages. Millennial and Gen Z employees both show a higher demand for mental health support than their older colleagues.

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That means that implementing mental health support is one of the best ways to boost your company brand and attract the best talent. It also makes you future-proof, ensuring that your company continues to thrive and snap up the strongest talent for years to come.

Why does mental health support attract the best talent?

Mental health support is a key part of attracting the best talent—that’s clear. But why?

When you offer mental health support for your employees, you’re saying these things:

  • Your well-being is important to us: Mental health support boosts employee well-being, and shows a clear prioritization of how your people feel. By offering mental health support, you’re saying, money isn’t always the bottom line—we are.
  • Stress isn’t the status quo here: Some companies romanticize stress to dangerous levels, drawing a false equation between being stressed and being productive. By valuing mental health support, you’re pointing out that people get things done better when they’re not struggling with stress. And mental health support makes a huge difference here—71% of users struggling with stress improve after using
  • We value boundaries and resilience: Mental health support is a green flag for talents seeking out new opportunities. It says: here is a company which understands that logging off at the end of the day is all-important! Here is a company who is less likely to expect me to be on slack at all hours, or drive me to burnout with a toxic company culture. Flagging that you provide employee mental health support is also a way of flagging that you are a psychologically safe company to work for. And that’s appealing!
  • This company is sustainable and performing at its best: Employee mental health support boosts your bottom line, increases productivity, and optimizes your company culture. For those in the know, showing that you provide mental health support gives talent the surety that your company is less likely to crumble under financial pressure or be unable to make it through periods of growth and change.

How do we do it at

We may be biased… but we believe offers the best mental health support platform to look after both every individual employee in your team, and your whole company at large. And that includes supporting HR and boosting your brand to ensure the best talent finds and competes over your vacant positions.

“At Forto, is our team’s most loved benefit and a strong driver in recruitment. I’ve found is the strongest benefit to mention in open role listings.”

Michael Wax, founder and CEO of Forto.

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