Customer Stories – Andrea from dentolo

At dentolo—2023’s award winner of the fastest growing insuretech in Germany— is a source of strength, resilience… and lots of positive feedback for Andrea, Head of People! We caught up with Andrea to find out how dentolo uses nilo, and the surprising results they’ve found when people have access to mental health support.

Hi, Andrea! Could you please introduce yourself?

I’m Head of People here at dentolo, which currently covers private dental insurance, pet insurance and our recently launched product vitolo – a private additional health insurance. My main responsibilities are to oversee talent acquisition, people development, and retention strategies to ensure we have the right individuals in the right roles, fostering a dynamic and collaborative work environment. Additionally, I drive initiatives to nurture our company culture, promoting inclusivity, professional growth, and employee well-being.

Why did dentolo decide to invest in a mental health benefit for the team? 

Because we recognize the importance of supporting the holistic well-being of our entire team. Mental health is a crucial component of overall well-being, and investing in a mental health benefit demonstrates our commitment to fostering a healthy and supportive work environment where employees can thrive personally and professionally.

How has affected your team over the past three years? 

We’ve seen a significant positive impact on our team’s well-being. This includes an increase in registered users on nilo and higher engagement rates with the platform’s resources, as well as improved employee retention. And of course, not to forget the very positive feedback from our entire team! In terms of recruitment, we also see that using nilo and prioritizing our employees’ mental well-being attracts a lot of positive attention for our company.

Can you tell us anymore about that positive feedback? 

We’ve received numerous success stories highlighting how the platform has helped individual employees manage stressful situations, improve resilience, and enhance their overall well-being. And we’ve seen these positive outcomes contribute to a more positive and productive work environment at dentolo. Last week, one team member approached me and told me that through her sessions, she gained practical strategies to manage stress and enhance her overall resilience, which led to improved job satisfaction and productivity on her end.

What are your favorite features on the platform?

The one-to-one sessions with psychologists and roundtables really stand out as essential for everyone at dentolo. These personalized coaching sessions provide our employees with dedicated support and guidance tailored to their individual needs, helping them address specific challenges as well as developing effective coping strategies. Additionally, the Lunch and Learn sessions offer valuable opportunities for our team to engage in interactive discussions and learning experiences around mental health topics, fostering a culture of continuous growth and support within our organization, which we really appreciate.

How does supporting employee mental health enhance dentolo’s company culture?

Supporting employee mental health aligns seamlessly with dentolo’s core values of being caring, collaborative, brave, and fast. By prioritizing well-being, we create a supportive environment where everyone feels valued and respected. Our collaborative approach encourages open communication and mutual support. 

Addressing mental health issues requires bravery. We want to empower employees to seek help. Acting fast ensures timely access to resources for personal and professional growth.

Want to see how mental health support changes the game at your company?

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What do you think is the biggest challenge for HR leaders at the moment? 

Navigating the complexities of remote work and the impact it has on employee well-being, engagement, and productivity. It’s essential to adapt HR strategies and policies to meet the evolving needs of remote teams, while maintaining a strong company culture and sense of connection among employees.

What would your advice be to another HR professional who was considering introducing a mental health benefit?

Prioritize employee input and participation in your decision-making process. Conduct surveys or focus groups to understand the specific mental health needs and preferences of your team members and tailor your benefits accordingly. Additionally, we would advise to really focus on creating a supportive and inclusive company culture – working in a stigma-free work environment, where mental health is not a taboo topic really makes a big difference.

Are you personally using What do you appreciate about it?

Yes! I primarily use the one-to-one sessions, and I can see how it supports both my professional and personal growth. These sessions helped me to navigate various challenges in the past months and I always look forward to them as they provide valuable insights, support, and guidance tailored to my individual needs.

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