Our Customers

Our customers prioritize employee well-being and support—and it pays off, with an average 5x return on investment. But that’s not all that our clients love about nilo.health.

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Provide your team with the most beloved employee benefit

nilo.health boosts your brand and builds employee loyalty: the most common piece of feedback we receive is how much employees love it!

“I have never experienced such gratitude and thankfulness for any benefit or anything we’ve introduced!”

–says Teresa Dinges,

Learning and Development Manager at

Attract the best talent

Mental health support is the second most popular workplace benefit, ahead of financial advising and gym memberships: 85% of employees say that mental health benefits are key when evaluating a new job offer.

“At Forto, nilo.health is our team’s most loved benefit and a strong driver in recruitment,”

–says Michael Wax, founder and CEO of

“I’ve found nilo.health the strongest benefit to mention in open role listings.”

Engage your team

nilo.health has consistently high engagement across all our clients, with 10x more engagement than traditional EAPs. At GetYourGuide, 73% of GetYourGuide’s staff are registered with nilo.health and love using it, with an average rating of 4.9 out of 5.

“Having a mental health benefit signals to your employees that their well-being is valued and important,”

–says Meg Telson,

Head of People Operations at

“A mental health program takes a lot of financial and logistical pressure off people to take care of themselves. When that’s taken care of, they can show up professionally and drive both their own growth, and the growth of the business.”

Stop stress and
in its tracks

85% of users use nilo.health for preventative reasons… and it works. 71% of users struggling with stress improve after using nilo.health.

“Working remotely has impacted our work and personal lives tremendously and borders have shifted,”

–said the People and Culture Team at

“We want our team to feel well-equipped to cope with this challenge in the best possible way, therefore we teamed up with the professionals from nilo.health. Now we are feeling supported and confident to share with our team how we feel.”

Reduce Absences and
increase employee well-being

96% of nilo.health users report “strong improvement” in their mental health — and our clients see that reflected in their work.

“Since adopting nilo.health, our team’s wellbeing has increased by 25 points (Peakon Score), while absences have dropped consistently,”

–says Emily Gawlik,

Head of People & Culture at