How to Build a Resilient Team With Mental Health Support

What makes a great football team? A group of incredible players who come on every week performing their best sounds more like magic than skill. But what about that team who tries as hard as they can in every game, accepting and learning from the defeats and setbacks that come along the way? A resilient team is the true key to success.

Off the football pitch, it can be hard to work out exactly what resilience means. What does it look like in an office or workspace? Well, think about the way you feel after a tough day at work. Are you defeated and downcast? Or do you take a deep breath, square your shoulders, and start thinking about tomorrow?

Don’t worry if you’re not there yet: like any muscle, resilience can be strengthened. In this article, we’ll break down the key role mental health support plays in building your resilient dream team.

How to build a resilien team with mental health support

Resilience is one of the single most important growth metrics for companies. Resilient companies don’t just bounce back from hard times or unexpected changes; they bounce forward. The American Psychological Association defines resilience as “the process and outcome of successfully adapting to difficult or challenging life experiences”, making it a crucial skillset for the modern workforce.

But like many of the so-called soft skills, it’s hard to know exactly how to build resilience. How do you go about creating it? How do you add it to your KPIs? How can you see it take effect?

The good news is, there’s one measure that leadership and HR can take known to build resilience: mental health support. 

Mental health support to build a resilient team

Resilience isn’t about crossing your fingers and hoping nothing bad ever happens. It’s about having the strength, fortitude and skillset to get through difficult times. And mental health support sets your organization up so that when crises hit, your company can get through it.

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  • Studies have shown that higher resilience in the executive workplace environment is associated with better mental health, reduced stress, and greater well-being
  • High resilience is closely linked with strong well-being and helps people bounce back faster from workplace conflict and change
  • 91% of the most resilient Americans in one study believe mental health is as important as physical health
  • Mental well-being correlates strongly with high levels of resilience

Why does mental health support build a resilient team? 

The facts are clear: strong mental health is linked with resilience. That means that if you’re looking to improve resilience at your organization, one of the best ways to go about it is by implementing employee mental health support. A few key reasons explain why mental health and resilience are so closely linked:

  • You give employees the tools they need to bounce back: A good mental health support platform comes with a wealth of resources. Employees can take their growth into their own hands with self-guided learning, practice meditation and other well-being strategies and speak to a professional psychologist who can guide them on the path to better well-being. This means that you’re outfitting your employees with a full skillset they can use when challenges arise, so that they already have the tools they need to build their own resilience.
  • You empower employees to take control of their own well-being: Along with helping your employees find the skills they need for resilience, you’re also putting power into their own hands. You’re giving them a sense of their own ability to learn and grow, to manage problems and deal with their own emotions and issues. This is a massively empowering step for anyone, and it leads to increased confidence in their ability to face whatever life has to throw at them! The result? A massive boost in resilience and well-being.
  • You build a resilient company: Integrating mental health support into your company has the twin strategy of working on every single individual to make your company stronger on a person-by-person level… and holistically improving mental health company-wide. It’s not just your employees who will be boosting their own resilience, it’s your company itself which will gain the sustainability, optimization and psychologically safe culture it needs to get through any challenge. 

How do we do it?

Resilience is one of our key focuses here at We work to help you build a resilient team by giving your employees all those tools that they need to boost their own mental health, well-being and, therefore, resilience. sees 10x more engagement than traditional EAPs, meaning that your employees are working on their mental health, boosting their performance skills, and resolving issues with 1-to-1 counseling sessions. To put it simply, investing in means you empower your team and make them stronger!

“Since adopting, our team’s wellbeing has increased by 25 points (Peakon Score), while absences have dropped consistently,” says Emily Gawlik, Head of People & Culture at Forto. Over 50% of Forto’s employees are active on, making it the company’s most used and beloved benefit.

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