Discover – your modern EAP is a personalized, on-demand mental health support platform for your employees.

Give your whole team convenient access to psychologists, group sessions, and self-guided learning tools to improve their well-being and performance

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What are the differences between traditional EAPs and

10x more engagement than traditional EAPs

While only 1-3% of employees use EAP services, engages 15-30% of employees.

Clear data: 96% of users report strong mental health improvement

EAP data is locked down, inaccessible and inconclusive. But our numbers speak for themselves.

Preventive care in addition to crisis support

EAPs focus mainly on crisis support in worst case situations. provides support across the entire spectrum of mental health needs. is the modern EAP your employees need


User Engagement

1-3 %


Mental Health Support

One-on-one counseling with psychologists

Regular group discussions and workshops

Personalized self-guided content

Dedicated manager support

Quality of Care

Counselor/employee matching algorithm

Highly qualified global pool of psychologists

Languages spoken



Engagement drivers

Mobile app with self-learning opportunities

Optimized user experience

Support for HR

HR Dashboard with engagement and success insights

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

GDPR compliant

Guaranteed anonymity

Explore our modern EAP and take the first step towards a healthier, more productive company culture.

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