What are nilo.tools?

nilo.tools are short exercises for when you only have a few minutes to spare. There are breathing exercises to reduce stress and anxiety, enhance your sleep, increase motivation and more. nilo.tools take about six minutes per exercise and are perfect for when you need a small boost.

What are nilo.programs?

nilo.programs are self-directed digital programs that complement nilo.sessions, tools and meditations. Programs consist of several modules grouped around a specific topic that support you in working towards better mental well-being. Each module takes between 10 and 25 minutes to complete and can help you tackle topics like work-life balance, stress management and sleep improvement, among many others.

Which languages are nilo.roundtables available in?

Our roundtables are offered every month in English and German. This gives you the opportunity to choose your preferred language for each roundtable.

What are nilo.roundtables?

Roundtables are live group sessions led by experienced psychologists, coaches or trainers about different mental health topics. You will learn how to improve your mental well-being and have the opportunity to exchange ideas with like-minded people. 

Attending roundtables can help you learn more about improving your mental well-being and how you can put your insights into action – at work or in your private life. nilo.roundtables are also a great opportunity to connect with like-minded nilo.users from both within your company and beyond it, and to share your experiences in a safe space. Sometimes it just really helps to know we’re not alone.

Why does nilo.health also offer meditation?

Regular meditation has been scientifically-proven to improve mental health. To include this aspect, nilo.health offers a new meditation every day to give users the opportunity to take care of their mental health in a holistic way.

What is nilo.health?

nilo.health is a holistic mental healthcare provider for the workplace. We offer psychological counselling in the form of 1:1 video sessions with psychologists. We also offer digital programs, tools, and meditations to help you take care of your mental health.

Is nilo.health GDPR compliant?

Yes! We are fully compliant with GDPR. All user data is protected by advanced encryption algorithms.

Why do psychologists like working with nilo.health?

The three main reasons our psychologists love working with us are flexibility, variety and our mission. Our psychologists freely choose when and where they wish to work, and they have a large variety of clients and topics. This is very different from more typical settings within a company or practice. Finally, all of our psychologists are committed to destigmatizing mental health and making health support easily accessible to everyone.

If a psychologist is offering a session in the near future, does that mean they are less qualified than the “good” experts who are already booked up?

No, every psychologist on the nilo.health platform is very experienced and offers high quality sessions. Availability has nothing to do with experience or qualifications and sometimes psychologists need to change their calendar on short notice.

How do nilo.health psychologists help if a client’s issues are more severe and require longterm psychotherapy treatment?

In more severe cases, our psychologists guide, educate and motivate each client to find the way into the right longterm therapy. We also offer a therapy wiki on our platform, which supports clients finding psychotherapy in Germany.

How are nilo.sessions different from psychotherapy?

nilo.health offers psychological counseling, which is more resource- and solution oriented and covers a shorter time frame than psychotherapy. nilo.health is open for everyone to work on their mental health, which includes both healthy and burdened people. This means that everyone can proactively work on issues like stress management, conflicts, insecurities and more – whether or not you have clinical symptoms.

Can nilo.health offer sessions in different timezones?

Yes! We have an international pool of psychologists and we always consider both the timezone of the client and the psychologist when booking a nilo.health session.

How long does it take to get a psychologist after I book a session in the app?

It usually takes 2-3 days until you’ll have your first session, depending upon the time slots you’ve suggested. If you need acute care, you can reach out at any time and we’ll organize a session as soon as possible.

If my preferred language is not displayed in the app, can you organize a psychologist who speaks my language?

Our clients always have the opportunity to have a session in English. If you have a specific language request which is not available, please do contact us and we’ll do our best to help!

Which languages is nilo.health available in?

Our psychologists speak 35 languages across the board and we are continually expanding our language spectrum.

I work in HR. How does nilo.health help my team?

By providing individual support and counseling, nilo.health increases productivity, decreases absenteeism, helps your team deal with stress and boosts the happiness of people working for your organization.

Does nilo.health offer psychotherapy?

nilo.health offers psychological counseling, which is not psychotherapy. However, we do have psychotherapists in our pool of experts for more severe cases in order to provide the best possible support. If you need longterm psychotherapy, our psychologists will assist you to find the right longterm care. In general, psychotherapy is a longterm treatment for specific mental illnesses.

What types of things can nilo.health help me with at work?

Lots of things! If you are having trouble with stress, burnout, anxiety, insecurity, lack of motivation, confusion, imposter syndrome and many other issues, we have experts on hand to help you.

What qualifications do nilo.health psychologists have?

Our nilo.experts all have a degree in psychology and extensive experience in 1-on-1 counseling. They also have additional certificates depending on their individual specialization. Some include psychotherapy, systemic coaching, couples counseling and many more.