What is psychological support?

Psychological support is a type of therapy in which someone seeks, with the help and guidance of a psychologist, to express their problems and anxieties in an effort to identify  the causes and find solutions for discomfort and suffering. 

Outside of a clinical setting, psychological support, also called emotional support, is when one person supports another by acknowledging their mental health needs, offering reassurance and listening without making judgments or assumptions.

Why is psychological support important?

When expert psychological support is made available, employees experiencing psychological distress will be more likely to seek out and receive appropriate help. Employees who receive psychological support through their workplace are more involved and satisfied with their workplace, as well as happier, more productive and committed to staying on for the long-term. 

In contrast, employees without the option to receive psychological support are more likely to withdraw from work and have higher absenteeism rates. Conflict and turnover are more likely, and work stress may lead to physical symptoms (fatigue, headaches) or emotional symptoms (anxiety, burnout), with the associated costs.

Examples of workplace psychological support

  • Services or benefits that address employee psychological and mental health, such as mental health benefits and psychological counseling
  • Processes are in place to intervene/support if an employee appears distressed at work
  • Employees feel confident they will be supported by the organization if they’re dealing with personal or family issues 
  • Policies and processes are in place to support workers returning to work after a mental health leave
  • Everyone at the organization has a good understanding of the importance of mental health and education on mental health and well-being is ongoing

How nilo.health can help

Conveniently accessible in every time zone, nilo.health’s global network of psychologists supports employees in 30+ languages.

We work only with established psychologists who have extensive training and utilize scientifically-proven techniques. Just 5% of applicants make it through our rigorous vetting process to become part of the nilo.health network.

A proprietary matching algorithm ensures each employee is paired with a nilo.health psychologist optimally aligned to their needs and preferences—and if the chemistry isn’t right, it’s no hassle to switch. 

One-on-one psychological support is supplemented by a comprehensive suite of educational tools and programs designed to  help employees better understand their mental health needs and cultivate valuable skills such as focus, resilience and mindfulness.

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