What is wellness?

Workplace wellness refers to activities or policies that support positive employee health and behavior. They often involve health education, mental health support, medical screenings and onsite fitness programs or facilities.

Why is workplace wellness important?

There are clear advantages to helping employees get healthier: employees tend to perform better, actively take up work initiatives, improve productivity, stay on at the company, recommend the company as a place to work and manage time efficiently.

Examples of workplace wellness offerings

  • Offering a mental health benefit like nilo.health
  • Allowing flex-time for exercise
  • Offering healthy food options 
  • Offering medical screenings and health education
  • Fitness programs 
  • Lifestyle coaching

How nilo.health can help 

With a holistic approach to workplace wellness that includes physical health, nilo.health is THE benefit for complete employee wellness! Programs and tools such as “Restful Sleep”, “Take Care of Your Physical Well-being”” and “Address Your Stress” help employees better understand their physical and mental health needs and cultivate valuable self-care skills for the long-term.

One-on-one counseling sessions as well as  webinars and group sessions on topics such as “How Movement Helps Reduce Stress – Theory and Practice” round out the offering.

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