Get the best mental health support for your team is a personalized, on-demand mental health support platform for your team.

Give your whole team convenient access to psychologists, group sessions, and self-guided learning tools via our digital platform.

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Why you need to invest in the mental health of your employees

Increase productivity

Provide the tools your team needs to thrive


of employees experience mental health challenges that affect their productivity at work

Improve Company Culture

Create a company culture where psychological safety is more than a buzzword


of employees reported that toxic workplace culture has impacted their mental health

Attract and retain talent

Give your employees the support they want


of millennials have left roles due to anxiety and lack of motivation

Prevent burnout

Address challenges before they become a problem


of employees feel in danger of burnout

How does improve employee mental health? is the comprehensive mental well-being platform for your entire workforce. Companies can provide access to as part of their employee benefits package. Key features include:

1-on-1 sessions with licensed psychologists

“nilo.sessions” are individual video therapy sessions, ideal for both tackling acute topics and general prevention

Group sessions

that provide guidance and insights from psychologists, coaches and trainers

Clinically-developed tools

to help employees relax, focus, and feel good day-to-day

Daily meditations

to encourage mindfulness and boost long-term wellbeing

Improve your company culture, find new talent and make your team happy with