What is company culture?

Company culture is the make-up of an organization’s prevailing values, norms and attitudes. It impacts how a company functions, how structures are set up and how employees communicate and work together.  You could even consider it a company’s “personality”!

Why is company culture important?

A healthy culture is critical to every company’s success and productivity. Employees at organizations with a positive culture not only feel comfortable communicating mental health issues and flagging situations that impact their well-being, they are also more likely to perform well and enjoy their jobs—and attract new talent by spreading the word.

Warning signs of company culture issues

  • Underperformance
  • Conflict
  • Turnover
  • Lack of communication

How nilo.health can help

nilo.health’s tools and programs operate simultaneously on  the individual and company level to ensure the core elements of a strong culture – open communication, trust, connection and psychological safety – are fostered: every day and over the long term. 

Programs such as “Talking about mental health at work” teach leaders to recognize the signs of mental health issues, reach out to employees when there is cause for concern and respond appropriately when approached by those seeking help. One-on-one counseling sessions offer ongoing personalized support, enabling employees to dive deeper into the well-being, personal growth and professional development topics most critical to them.

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