What is a healthy work environment?

A healthy workplace is one where employees and leaders are committed to improving and promoting the mental and physical health, safety and well-being of everyone on an ongoing basis.

Why is a healthy work environment important?

A healthy workplace environment is key to productivity, retaining employees and a positive company culture.

Signs of a healthy workplace environment

  • Diversity and inclusivity is a priority
  • Employees feel safe to be creative and innovative
  • Employees take responsibility
  • Teams work collaboratively
  • Employees trust each other
  • Everyone knows when they’ve done a good job
  • Employees can take down time and not feel guilty

Wellness, well-being and work-life balance are actively promoted

How nilo.health can help

By prioritizing workplace wellness and creating healthy work environments, businesses that offer nilo.health as a benefit reap the rewards of increased productivity, higher employee engagement, and more.

A successful healthy workplace program helps build a culture of care, where people feel looked after beyond just getting the job done. 

nilo.health’s tools and programs operate on both the individual and company level to ensure the core elements of a healthy work environment—communication, culture, and psychological safety—are fostered: every day and over the long term. 

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