What is a hybrid model?

A hybrid model is a flexible structure whereby some employees work remotely and others work from a central location or office. Hybrid team models allow employees to embrace the setup that best aligns with their life and mode of working.

Why is a hybrid model important?

Many companies are increasingly moving towards a hybrid business model as it provides increased workplace flexibility that helps attract, retain and engage employees and can expand a company’s talent pool substantially.

Examples of hybrid working models

  • At-will and remote-first. Employees can come to the office or work from home according to their preferences. This model allows each worker to opt for the most efficient and effective work practices for them, ideally optimizing engagement and productivity.
  • Office-first model. This model requires employees to be more present at the office, while also allowing employees to occasionally work remotely (usually from home), as a perk.
  • Partly remote hybrid model In this model some teams are fully remote (e.g. marketing team), while others are office-based (e.g. the IT department, leadership), often determined by the nature of the work being done.
  • Split-week model. This setup works by assigning employees specific days for on-site work and remote work.
  • Week-by-week model. Whole work weeks are designated for certain groups of employees to be physically present at the office. On the other weeks, they work from home.


How nilo.health can help

Hybrid work models can result in burnout for some employees. Remote workers often feel disconnected from company culture and the need to compensate for their distance from the office by working longer hours.

The nilo.health programs, “Prevent burnout in your team” and “Fix your work-life balance”, supplemented by 1:1 sessions with psychologists, daily meditations and hands-on tools for self-care and -development, support both leaders and remote workers in staying healthy and connected.

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