What is self-care?

Self-care includes all the steps an individual takes to manage stressors in their life and take care of their health and well-being.

Why is self-care important?

Research suggests self-care helps manage stress, lowers risk of illness and improves energy levels. It’s also been shown to enhance self-confidence and increase both productivity and happiness.

Examples of ways to foster self-care in the workplace

  • Encourage employees to define and maintain their digital communication boundaries, ie. log-on, log-off times
  • Allow for flexibility around and during the workday
  • Promote stretching, meditation and fresh air breaks
  • Support employees in their mindfulness journeys
  • Introduce wellness “check-ins” and/or surveys

How nilo.health can help

Self-care is an important aspect of employee well-being, with positive repercussions on both the individual and group level. nilo.health provides a range of conveniently accessible, science-based tools that make it easy for employees to carve out time each day—as little as 5 minutes!—for self-care. Digital programs such as “Live more mindfully”, “Rest and relax” and “Address your stress” give a deeper dive into self-care topics, helping employees better understand and assess their physical and mental health needs and cultivate valuable skills for the long term.

One-on-one psychological counseling as well as webinars and group sessions on related topics such as “How to create your personal growth plan” round out the nilo.health offering.

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