What is stress?

Work-related stress is a common response to pressures exceeding one’s ability to cope.

Why is stress important?

Stress can cause mental—as well as physical—health problems, and it can make existing problems worse. Workplace stress is linked to high levels of absenteeism and presenteeism and a range of physical and mental health issues, including increased risk of anxiety, burnout, depression and substance use disorders. It impacts productivity and employee health.

Warning signs of work-related stress

  • An increase in sick days or absenteeism
  • Aggression and/or mood swings and irritability
  • Diminished creativity and initiative
  • Concentration and memory lapses
  • A drop in work performance
  • Problems with interpersonal relationships
  • Visibly tired
  • Reluctance to take entitled time off

How nilo.health can help

The nilo.health program “Address your stress” gives employees valuable advice on identifying what triggers their stress, understanding how the body reacts to stress, strategies to cope and wind down and building resilience and enhancing well-being.

Additionally, programs such as “Fix your work-life balance” and “Prevent burnout on your team” educate staff and managers on early intervention practices.

One-on-one psychological support and webinars and group sessions on topics, such as how to master worries and maintain emotional balance at work, round out the offering.

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