What is a workation? 

A workation is a kind of “working vacation”: employees work remotely, away from their usual place of residence, while also enjoying leisure and tourist activities.

Why are workations important?

Widespread home office mandates during the COVID-19 pandemic proved that remote work is possible—and even optimal—for some employees. Many are now asking for more flexibility in regard to their place of work. Workations offer flexibility on multiple levels and are shown to improve happiness, productivity, creativity and retention.

How nilo.health can help 

Remote workers often feel disconnected from company culture and the need to compensate for their distance from the office by working longer hours. 

The nilo.health programs, “Prevent burnout in your team” and “Fix your work-life balance”, supplemented by 1:1 sessions with psychologists, daily meditations and hands-on tools for self-care and -development, support both leaders and remote workers in staying healthy and connected.

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