What is burnout?

Burnout is a state of extreme physical or/and emotional exhaustion arising from sustained, long-term workplace stress. It frequently manifests in physical or/and emotional exhaustion, feelings of apathy or cynicism as well as reduced productivity and lower work quality. 

Why is burnout important?

According to a Harvard study, the US government spends $125 billion to $190 billion annually to cover healthcare costs related to psychological and physical problems related to burnout. Employers pay, too. Burnout creates added costs resulting from decreased productivity, low employee engagement, high turnover rate and loss of top talent.  

Despite also being profoundly harmful to employees’ health and well-being, burnout is often misunderstood, overlooked and stigmatized.

Warning signs of burnout

  • Exhaustion
  • Low-energy
  • Cynicism towards work
  • Low levels of motivation/focus
  • Chronic stress
  • A sudden decrease in productivity
  • Irritability at work
  • Uncharacteristic disengagement
  • Restlessness
  • Exhaustion


How nilo.health can help

The nilo.health program, “Prevent burnout in your team”, gives leaders the tools to recognize, handle and prevent work burnout, while nilo.health programs such as “Worry less, live more” and “Address your stress”, supplemented by nilo.health 1:1 sessions with psychologists, help all employees better understand their mental health needs and learn valuable burnout-prevention skills such as work-life balance and mindfulness.

Flexible, easily accessible and science-based, nilo.health is a mental health platform for your entire team, combining scientific insights and hands-on exercises to teach and engrain healthy habits and communication—in the workplace and beyond.

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