What is demotivation?

Workplace demotivation refers to an employee’s lack of motivation at work and consequential reduction in performance. Lack of recognition, insufficient opportunities for career development, an authoritarian leadership style and workplace bullying are possible causes of demotivation.

Why is demotivation important?

Employee demotivation is often a “silent protest” by employees who feel frustrated in their work. It also occurs in organizations where employees don’t feel their well-being is taken seriously. Demotivation has costly effects, lowering team morale, causing higher employee turnover, lower levels of engagement, and diminished productivity.

Warning signs of demotivated workers

  • Reluctance to take on more responsibility than the ‘bare minimum’ 
  • Regular absence from work
  • Sarcastic comments or complaining
  • Lack of initiative
  • Disinterest in career or personal development
  • Personal interests interfering with the work day

How nilo.health can help

Providing your workforce with a comprehensive suite of educational tools and programs to support their mental health and well-being shows you care. The nilo.health program “Find more focus and motivation” helps employees address demotivation on the individual level, identifying their inner obstacles and giving them helpful tools for more energetic, productive and laser-focused engagement. nilo.health’s one-on-one counseling sessions offer a further boost: a dedicated space for employees to focus on their personal growth and professional objectives.

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