What is employee experience?

Employee experience (also known as EX) is a worker’s perception of their journey through all the touchpoints at a company, from job candidacy to off-boarding.

Why is employee experience important?

When employees feel supported by an excellent experience, they’re more likely to be engaged. This in turn leads to more productivity, improved company culture and employee morale and less turnover

Examples of employee experience

  • Great compensation, benefits and perks
  • Recognition of work 
  • Investments in company culture
  • Prioritization of work-life balance
  • An environment of trust, respect, honesty and collaboration 
  • Psychological safety
  • Learning, growth and development opportunities 
  • A deep sense of belonging, connection, purpose and meaning

How nilo.health can help

A highly attractive benefit and powerful investment in company culture, nilo.health’s digital tools and programs combine scientific insights and hands-on exercises to teach psychologically safe team communication, supportive leadership, mindfulness, work-life balance and numerous other skills vital to creating a thriving workplace and great employee experience. 

One-on-one psychological counseling alongside themed webinars and group sessions offer deep dives into personal growth and professional development, ensuring that employee well-being and mental health are addressed from every angle.

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