What is flexible work?

A flexible work arrangement is an agreement between workplace and employee that adjusts the “standard” working arrangement to better accommodate an employee’s health needs and/or outside-work commitments. Flexible working arrangements typically involve changes to the hours, pattern and/or location of work.

Why is flexible work important?

Having a flexible work schedule helps employees create an optimal work-life balance by enabling them to work when and where they are most productive. Flexible work has been shown to increase employee engagement, productivity, morale, job satisfaction, efficiency and health.

For employers, having a flexible work policy in place can also open up a wider talent pool, with all the advantages of enhanced diversity and marketplace competitiveness.

Examples of flexible work arrangements

  • Flex time – Employees typically work an 8-hour day, but with alternate start and finish times, rather than a 9-to-5 schedule.
  • Reduced hours – Employees work fewer hours than the standard 40-hour work week.
  • Compressed work week – An employee works for longer periods of time per day (or shift) in exchange for a day off, e.g. working a 10-hour day, 4 days a week.
  • Remote work – Working remotely means employees do at least some of their regular work from home or another location, rather than at the office. This may also take the form of workations.

How nilo.health can help

Flexible, convenient and available around the clock, the nilo.health platform is the ideal support for every team constellation. 

nilo.health’s science-based digital tools and programs ensure remote and flex workers feel fully supported and get the best out of their arrangements. In addition to one-to-one psychological counseling—with nilo experts available in every time zone!—employees learn psychologically safe team communication, work-life balance, mindfulness and numerous other skills vital to maintaining mental health and well-being in the workplace and beyond.

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