What is job security?

Job security is the perception that your job is safe and that you are unlikely to lose your position as a result of lay-offs, being dismissed or company changes.

Why is job security important?

Job security plays a key role in how connected employees feel to their organization. It improves employee productivity, retention and turnover and can even enhance overall business performance.

In contrast, job insecurity causes employees to lose their sense of belonging and loyalty to an organization, negatively impacting engagement, mental well-being and physical health. Sleep problems, substance misuse, depression, prolonged anxiety, anger and even burnout can be side effects.

Examples of situations that can cause job insecurity

  • A company merger or acquisition
  • Downsizing
  • A difficult macroeconomic climate
  • A poor performance review
  • Abusive leadership
  • Failure to raise a funding round


How nilo.health can help

Support for employee well-being contributes to a sense of job security and job satisfaction. Creating an environment that enables employees to bring their whole selves to work, including their feelings and vulnerabilities, can build the kind of trust and transparency that doesn’t let job insecurity take root

nilo.health’s digital tools and programs combine scientific insights and hands-on exercises to teach psychologically safe team communication, mindfulness, stress management and numerous other skills essential to promoting workplace mental health and a culture of inclusion and connection.

One-on-one psychological support as well as webinars and group sessions on critical topics, such as financial wellness, round out the offering.

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