What is a safe space?

A safe space in the workplace context is an environment where employees feel comfortable expressing their concerns, emotions and deep thoughts to peers, managers and others.

Why is having a safe space important in the workplace?

Making the workplace a safe space has a direct impact on the engagement and well-being of your employees. It’s also crucial for the wellness of all employees, and particularly those in minority groups, those with mental or physical health challenges and those that may be exposed to harassment or bullying.

Examples of a workplace safe space

  • Dialogue is promoted, including having uncomfortable discussions and encouraging curiosity around and differences of opinion
  • Focus is put on building and maintaining trust so employees feel they can openly communicate what is on their mind, develop their skills and lean into integrity and honesty
  • Diversity and inclusion is prioritized 
  • Processes are embraced that elevate employees’ ability to perform with quality, integrity and authentic connection.

How nilo.health can help

Having a workplace that’s a safe space means creating a culture of emotional safety where empathy, certainty and trust are prioritized. 

Show that you care with policies and practices that support emotional wellbeing, for example by offering nilo.health as a mental health benefit.

The nilo.health program “Talking about mental health at work” gives leaders and managers valuable advice on recognizing the signs of mental health struggle, reaching out to employees when there is cause for concern and responding when approached by an employee. Additionally, programs such as “Address your stress” and “Fix your work-life balance” help educate your staff on early intervention practices and focus on wellness.

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