What is employee morale?

Employee morale is the attitude, satisfaction and overall outlook of employees.

Why is employee morale important?

Employee morale is closely linked with employee engagement, job satisfaction and productivity

When employee morale is high, employees feel appreciated and happy and are more likely to be engaged, productive and have a better quality of life. When morale is low, employees feel poorly about their work and the organization, inhibiting productivity as well as impacting health and well-being. They’re also more likely to leave the company.

Warning signs of low employee morale

How nilo.health can help

When your employees feel supported, you’ll see an increase in morale.

nilo.health’s digital tools and programs combine scientific insights and hands-on exercises to teach psychologically safe team communication, mindfulness and a range of other skills essential to promoting workplace mental health and a culture of inclusion and connection.

One-on-one psychological support complemented by webinars and group sessions on topics critical to employee morale, such as DEI and work-life balance, round out the offering.

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